done again

The book’s done, again.

That isn’t the first time I’ve said that and it won’t be the last. There was when it was done enough to submit, then again when all the chapters were more or less written – with a few notes here and there on missing sections. Then the publisher asked for about a 30% expansion, which involved additional material in existing chapters plus three new ones, plus reformatting into their preferred format and pasting the text into one giant Word file, with the figures each in a separate file. That’s what I’ve done now, more or less – I still need Ted to review my Conclusion, and if he can do it in a timely way, to read through the whole thing to make sure there are no remaining egregious errors. But as far as I can tell, it’s now ready to hand over to my editor.

Despite the expansion, I think it’s still reasonably short and readable, which was my goal – 63400 words, 232 double-spaced pages. For purposes of comparison, there’s a small paperback fantasy novel at hand (Pamela Dean’s The Hidden Country), and that one is 256 pages – if I assume an average of 280 words per page (there are about ten to a line, about 28 lines on a page) that one is 71680 words long. And that’s a thin book – much shorter than the books before and after it in that trilogy, according to Amazon. So apparently I have achieved brevity. Sure didn’t feel like it!

Oops, guess I’d better get cracking on that Author Questionnaire!

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