Author Questionnaires are not fun so I’m consoling myself with fantasy

Today I made the most boring book webpage ever – at present it has nothing but the title, my name, and a picture of me that may or may not be the one I’ll use on the book. (It’s not bad, as pics of me go. Mostly because it’s not very close up.) I won’t even bother linking to the page until there’s more on it.

But I think I should start explaining just what the hell it is I’ve been writing about, and to that end I intend do a few explanatory posts, posted here and on the more public blog. I expect to write three, at least: one on “What is a Business Process, and Why Should I Care?”, one on “Process Systems, or Why Don’t Processes Like to Go It Alone?” and one on “My Point, and I Do Have One: The Main Things I Want to Say in this Book”. Stay tuned!

On a completely and totally different book topic, as you might have noticed yesterday I’ve been rereading The Secret Country books, and I have just this minute concluded that Ellen and Laura are actually Eliza and Ann, from Edward Eager’s Thyme Garden and Knight’s Castle. There’s even a line directly quoted from Eager, if I’m not mistaken. In fact, quite a lot of The Hidden Country can be viewed as a rewrite of Knight’s Castle in which gore is actual gory and painful decisions are actually unpleasant. (I suspect that what really happened is that Pamela Dean wrote the series in tribute to and rethinking of the whole genre of magic-adventure books, and that Eager is just one part of it. But I bet I’m right about Ellen’s line about her horse, “I always meant to get to know mine and develop a wonderful bond with it” being a quote from Eliza!)

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