Um, yeah. Oops. Official word: I start work (paid-job-type-work) tomorrow.

I will be a Quality Manager at a medium-sized company that provides “Complete architectural, engineering, environmental analyses and property survey services for commercial, government, institutional and healthcare industries” (the words are from their website). I’ll mostly be working with the local part, that builds and modifies fabs for semiconductor and medical-tech companies; they’re in the process of merging with a slightly bigger company that is more into the general office architectural side so I get to help get the two sides’ process systems to play together nicely.

This is the job I really wanted, that I had three interviews for; I’ve worked in semiconductors but not architectural work, so it ought to be the perfect blend of stuff I know and new things to learn. The company has all kinds of awards for being a great place to work, with excellent benefits, and the commute is 5-10 minutes – in fact it’s just down the block from teds company, so we might be able to carpool, though as it’s less than 2 miles away biking is also an option.

I think I’m ready to go back; with the book done, I would have had to start a new project to keep me busy and challenged at home, and I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new people, since I’ve been fairly isolated here. (One result of this is a fierce gratitude to my local yarn shop, for giving me a chance to hang out with other knitters every week; luckily they have a crafting “guild” meeting on Thursday nights as well as the one I’ve been attending on Tuesday mornings, and a monthly gathering on Friday nights with wine.) Tomorrow will be mostly orientation, so should be an interesting but quiet start to being employed again.

Pretend I posted this before the previous entry, OK?