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I’m here, in Toledo. The drive wasn’t bad at all: in the usual sense it had wide flat roads and not much traffic. In the sense of the driving difficulties I’ve had since 2009 and an incident in Taiwan, I … Continue reading

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Today has been devoted to updates: trying unsuccessfully to update the GPS’s database (it turns out the cable to connect it to the computer is in the other house, and I decided I didn’t care enough to go buy a … Continue reading

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it’s hard to defend science without use of logic.

Dear Matt Walsh, you’re making me feel sorry for St. Augustine, again. That poor man has done so much spinning in his grave over the centuries that he’s probably worn down to a nub by now. I’d be a lot … Continue reading

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waxing Kipling-ish about Philadelphia

We spent last week in Philadelphia, celebrating my parents’ 50th anniversary, spending Rosh Hashanah with the family, and getting reacquainted with the nephew while he’s still a toddler (it was actually the first time Ted had seen him since he … Continue reading

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