I’m here, in Toledo. The drive wasn’t bad at all: in the usual sense it had wide flat roads and not much traffic. In the sense of the driving difficulties I’ve had since 2009 and an incident in Taiwan, I think my newest glasses help a whole lot; I kept finding my speed creeping up and had to slow down to the legal limit of 70, instead of feeling like my head would fall apart if I went fast. I don’t think I mentioned it, but there’s reason to think these glasses are much better for two reasons; the eye doctor at OHSU said my other ones were actually overcorrecting, possibly causing some eyestrain in the opposite direction, and LensCrafters has a new system that is supposed to be more precise in centering the lens where your eye is than older methods.

Only one problem: my GPS (my own brought from home, not a rented one) refused to even turn on. But I had not only a printout of the directions but also my iPhone and iPad, and the iPhone navigated me here very nicely. Perhaps the GPS has realized it’s becoming obsolete and had a breakdown? Though I’d still rather rely on satellite navigation rather than cell towers when possible – it’s fine for here but not every place I want to go has cellphone coverage.