Yesterday did not begin well. It started with a bunch of texts from my brother – Dad had fallen and is in the hospital for observation. Next, my closest coworker, one who has a dotted reporting line to me, handed in her notice.

I guess the best you can say is that it’s not as bad as it could be in either case. Dad cut his head badly enough to need staples, has a bruise on his scalp, and is being kept in the hospital a few days for observation, but it seems to have been mostly due to very low blood sugar (he has diabetes) so at least it’s not something new or uncontrollabe, though harder to control than we’d like. The coworker says it’s not anything I did or could have prevented, and we will be hiring a replacement.

It all may end well enough. Hopefully the doctors can adjust Dad’s meds to prevent future crashes of either the blood-sugar or physical sort, and we’ll get a good replacement at work. (I’ll mention it here once it’s officially posted, in case anyone knows someone looking for that kind of job.)

Tomorrow is not going to be fun either. I will get upo at 5:30, drive 40 miles to an unfamiliar campue, take a test, drive home. If that sounds like a series of unfun things, well, that’s an accurate judgement. It’s made worse by the fact that (sentences have been here in case the testing organization is vindictive and likes to do internet searches, but let’s just say I’m not too impressed with half of the test material).

On the plus side, yesterday ended well; we met a knitting friend of mine and her husband at a local brewpub, Vertigo. They don’t serve food but allow you to bring your own in, so I picked up picnic materials on my way home from work. I even got a short erg piece in between work and beer. Tomorrow will hopefully end well too. I just hope I pass the damned test, so I don’t have to deal with it again! (At least, not until recertification is due in three years.)

Today is OK, exept that Dad’s still in the hospital.

I’m also in the middle of a medical siege, though nothing is particularly wrong with me. Wednesday I saw the doctor, to get examined as a new patient, and the dentist to get two fillings. I asked the doctor if I could go off my blood-pressure meds, and she said, “Well, it’s such a low dosage, I think you can just stop taking them. Monitor your BP and we’ll just see how it goes.” Not sure I entirely trust this; I’m on 10mg of Lisinopril, a very common medication, and she says when she puts someone on it, it’s usually at 30-40 mg. On the other hand, my Dutch doctor started me at 5MG (a dose he described s “almost homeopathic”) and moved me up to 10 mg, so presumably the evidence says I need something. We’ll see, and it is definitely easier to control my diet here – low-sodium alternatives, food ingredients whose names I understand, more variety available in the much bigger supermarkets. (The downside is that US prepared and restaurant food typically is much saltier to start with than Dutch equivalents.)

I’d still rather not be at the dentist than be there anyday, but I have to say the technology has definitely improved. The topical anesthetic is better so the shots hurt less, and the whole thing took only about 45 minutes for two fillings – new ones, too, not replacements. The dentist was good, too – he explained everything he was doing and didn’t ask questions when his fingers were in my mouth.

As for the rest of the siege next week I get a mammogram, the week after I have a followup to check how my blood pressure is doing without meds, and the week after that I have a fairly thorough physical as part of my work’s wellness program. I may not be healthier after all this, but if not at least I’ll presumably know how and wy.