The good news around here is that I have passed that awful test I took a few weeks ago. I am so relieved I won’t have to retake it – that was an unpleasant experience overall. I will need to recertify but now for three years. I get some points toward it for being employed and will get some when the book is published; with luck I can get the rest of the points I need without too much exertion.

I’m still in the middle of my October medical blitz: had a flu shot today and will have a physcial next week. Last week I saw my doctor, who confirmed that I can stay off blood pressure meds, so that’s good. It’s odd, though: my pressure is still measuring a bit high at home, but it was grat in her office. So either I have the reverse of ‘white coat hypertension’, or my home cuff is biased. At the doctor’s suggestion, I’ll take it with me to next week’s checkup, to compare it to their reading.

There’s not much else to report. I’m trying to be consistent about my erg distance; 84 km to go until I reach 10 million meters lifetime distance. This year we are not moving during the holiday season and will have access to ergs except for a couple days around Thanksgiving, so I really want to complete the Holiday Challenge. I’m tempted to bring an erg along to the inlaws’ for Thanksgiving – would that be excessive? (I think they would just be amused. And my MIL might use it!)

Here’s hoping not to get a sore arm or fever tonight from the flu shot!