a short update

66231 meters to row, and I’ll be at 10 million lifetime erg meters! For perspective, I’ve done that much in a week when toward the end of a marathon training program, though I certainly don’t plan to do that this time. It just seems like such a nice big number; the sweatshirt I’ll get is a nice perk, but I’m much more excited about the milestone, arbitrary though it is.

Work was a little slow last week but has just gotten much busier, so that’s good. Oddly, the part of my job I like most is the high priority stuff I’m supposed to be focusing on; so often it seems to be the other way around.

Ted is sick, with a cold bad enough to keep him home for two days, so that’s bad. He had two head races this past weekend, after the head cold had already set in, and I suspect that the stress on his body made this hit much harder. He seems to be feeling slightly better this weekend; perhaps the chicken soup I made him helped. (Made Sunday night from the carcass of the roast chicken we had for Sunday dinner.)

Now I’m just trying not to catch it myself. CHicken soup. Fluids. Rest. I do feel a bit sinus-y today, but I often do so that doesn’t mean anything. I got the flu shot last week, and was achy the first night, had a sore arm for a few days, and still have a sore spot under my arm (lymph node?). Hopefully it will do me some good and isn’t overstressing my immune system at present. (Ted has had only an occasional low fever, so I don’t think he has flu, just a very bad cold.)

Oh, and I heard back yesterday from th copy editor; from my response to her edits of the entire book, she had only three questions. I think that must be oretty good! She did say that she’ll have some more things to check with me on the figures, but I had to rework all of them (changing them all from color to B&W, plus a few other minor changes).

Clearly I need to write here more often; is it is, when I do I mostly update on daily events, without much to say about anything more interesting. Which reminds me: did I completely miss something, or did it really not make the news that government employees did get back pay for time off during the shutdown? (I’m not sure how I feel about this on philosophic grounds, but personally I’m very happy for all those including close relatives who didn’t want unpaid time off and couldn’t do anything interesting with it because of the possibility of being ordered back in on short notice.)

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