I appear to have lost the battle to avoid Ted’s cold. Sigh. At the moment it’s manifesting mostly as sinus pressure, and I’m spending my day steadily drinking tea and soup (because sitting in a hot shower all day isn’t really feasilble). Tylenol Sinus also helped a little, but I’m trying to avoid using it much. A while back a doctor told me that using meds to dry out sinuses can actually lead to a sinus infection; he recommended moist heat (showers, compresses, steam, etc) and it has actually worked for me in the past to keep from getting sick (or sicker) once I started to feel those twinges.

It feels like a big “Welcome back to the US!” kick in the pants, though, because my germs and I are at work today. Being new at the job I don’t have much time off (they combine sick and vacation time here) and had just negotiaated with my boss for a bit of time during the Christmas / New Year holidays, so I really don’t want to impringe on that. The other pertinent factor is that there’s just a lot of interesting and important stuff going on at work this week – including a health and wellness exam tomorrow. It’s mostly bloodwork, I think, so hopefully this cold doesn’t get bad enough to force me to stay home or to prejudice the test results. It would be annoyingly ironic to miss a wellness exam due to unwellness.