I’m still coughing a bit on and off, but mostly over the cold. At least if I didn’t avoid it, I managed to get a much lighter version than Ted had. (I do not know if getting the flu shot a few days before a) depressed my immune system and made me more vulnerable, b) helped me to have a lighter case (Ted was ill enough that it could have been flu, possibly, and there is some going around) or c) had no effect either way, since colds and flus are different things.)

I’m trying to keep my feet dry, too. Yesterday on a short walk, my toes were getting wet, even though it had stopped raining and I’d been avoiding puddles. I decided that since I live in Portland now, leaky boots are Just Not On. I’m pleased to report that it’s possible to drive to DSW from my office, buy boots, pick up a salad at the Trader Joe’s nearby, and be back in the office within 45 minutes or less. Since I loved the old boots, the fact that new ones were available in a nearly identical style sped up the decision process considerably. (I was also considering some that were similar but with a stacked heel, until I realized they weren’t leather.) I was discussing the leak issue with someone who worked there, and after taking a look at my old boots, he pointed out the existence of tiny holes in the sole that opened up when the boot flexed as I walked – no wonder my toes got wet! I haven’t seen that happen before.

Plans for the weekend are to visit the lake house, taking the cats along. Getting them in the carriers is never easy, but once they’re caught and held firmly in front of the cage, they just walk right in – there’s none of the struggling and clawing our old cats used to do. We think it helps that they actually like the house, once they get there, though since they can’t see out I think the whole process of the car ride confuses them. I do not have any editing or garden projects to do this weekend, so I think I can spend a cozy weekend knitting and reading, with rowing or erging depending on weather. And cooking – New Orleans BBQ Shrimp are in the plans. We’ll also be having some homemade bread, coutesy of the batch of dough I made last week – that no-kneading 4-ingredient recipe worked precisely as advertised. Should be a nice weekend.