Wow. There is actually nothing I have to do today. I’ve erged for the last three days, so today is an off day. We got a cleaning service, so I don’t need to scrub bathrooms. My publisher (OK, I just like saying those words) haven’t sent me galley proofs yet, so I don’t need to go over those.

OK, there are just a few things. Laundry, but that’s already in progress. I have some mending and some filing I should do, though neither will take long and neither needs to be done today. There’s present shopping and grocery shopping to be done, but the one will take five minutes on Amazon and the other can wait until tomorrow.

I think maybe today will be the day I’ve been promising myself since the first time I went to the Portland Saturday Market, back in April: I will go back there *alone*, so I can actually take time to look at the cool things on each stall. And with money (in April I wasn’t employed yet) so I can actually buy anything I fall in love with.

And who knows, maybe I’ll find some good present ideas for the people in my life who are harder to shop for.