In this case, ripping out. I’ve been making a sweater for Ted (Ravelry link); it’s knitted form the bottom up and I had finished the whole lower body section and most f the back. Unfortunately, since I’d kept the front stitches on the needles, at some point I didn’t quite get to the spot where I was supposed to turn around, and I found out today that for the last six inches, I’d been knitting only part of the back. Add that to the extra stitch I’d added by mistake and the fact that I hadn’t switched to smaller needles after the color work section so the to of the sweater was much looser than the bottom, and it’s three strikes. Time to rip back a long ways. I get to keep about the bottom eight inches of the sweater; the rest goes to the frog pond (“rip-it, rip-it”) and will have to be reknitted.

Too bad because I was being such an overachiever. Nearly half of that sweater done, plus most of the vest I’m making for my mininephew done (about another three inches, then I just need to add the ribbing at arms and neck). In addition, proof reading my galleys has been going quickly; I just got them Wednesday and was worried about getting them done by the 27th when I’m supposed to turn them in, but I’m on page 212 of 248. I think I’ll finish them tonight or tomorrow morning, then use the extra time to go back through looking for things I’ve missed.

That’s especially good in light of a major crimp in our weekend plans. I hadn’t planned to do anything much but proofread (and knit, and erg) this weekend, until I got an email from our neighbor at the lake house. They’d noticed the back garage door was open (the one facing the lake, that we take out boats out of). They’d just come back from travel, so it’s probably been open a while. I gave her instructions to shut it, but we figured we’d better head down and check. Luckily, everything seems to be fine; apparently no one noticed the open door. Our best guess is that it might have been misaligned and when Ted shut it and headed into the house it got most of the way down and re-opened. We’re normally very good about checking everything before we leave, but we don’t seem to have done a stellar job last time. Lucky for us that no one much passes close to the back of the house. From here on out, we will be walking through carrying the checklist, and then doing one more sweep around before leaving!

It’s also annoying because it turns out we could have gone to a party tonight – someone had asked for our email, then missed out on sending us an invitation. That’s gotten straightened out now but we’re not in the right city for it.

And I guess I’ll be knitting in the car on the way home.