Just got off the phone with Mom. Dad’s in the hospital, for no real reason anyone can tell – he went *up* the stairs to find Mom to tell her he felt like he was going to fall. They’re keeping him for observation, because when you have that many things wrong even odd weird symptoms that seem minor can be problematic. (I won’t give the entire list, but suffice it to say he’s on fifteen different meds and had radiation for lung cancer not too long ago. It was successful, but draining.) He’s been in bad health for a long time now – decades – and you get used to assuming it can go on for a long time, but the thing that really threw me just now was when Mom have him the phone to talk to me – the last time I heard someone sound that bad was the *last* time I talked to my uncle (who died of cancer in 2009). All Dad said was “Always remember I love you,” which is approximately the second time he’s ever said those last three words ever, the first being a couple weeks ago.