The important thing: Dad seems to be doing a lot better. He has a nasal feeding tube now and they’re replacing it with one through his mouth tomorrow. More importantly, he’s being much more rational and, according to my brother, is now saying he *wants* to get better. I think that’s a huge thing.

The other stuff:
Thing 1: As I was thinking about how quickly today went by, I realized it’s the last Monday of my mid-forties. Next time it comes around I will be arguably in my late forties. I’m definitely noticing more little physical creaks and quirks, and it seems to be a bit harder to get in shape. I’m getting the feeling that if I did train hard, my best rowing times would be slower than a decade ago (then again, I think I set a PR or nearly in a half marathon last fall, so maybe not). What I probably really need is a regular coached rowing practice, in a bigger boat (I mean a coxed four or eight, or a quad I wasn’t steering) so vertigo wouldn’t matter. I should probably go out in a double with Ted next time we’re at the lake. I don’t really feel like my age has changed me other than for rowing purposes, anyway.

Thing 2: We canceled our gym memberships. We miss doing weights, but it’s just too hard to get out to the gym when we have two ergs in the house. We do have a big set of resistance bands, so I should start faking weight training with those.

Thing 3: We’re going to Seattle this weekend. (What do London, Venice, Lisbon and Seattle have in common? We’ve visited all of them for my birthday.) The one thing I’m worried about is what to wear. I’m fine for normal purposes, but we’re going to a fancy restaurant where Ted will have to wear a suit, and all my dressy dresses are at the other house. (I forgot to bring one back last time, and we decided not to go down last weekend.) I have some more formal clothing here, but it’s all more businesslike. My choices are: a satiny taffeta-ish gray skirt, sort of swagged, but I don’t know what to wear with it; a navy sheath dress, below the knee, with the turquoise satin embroidered jacket I bought in Taiwan to wear to my brother’s wedding rehearsal, which is dressy enough but maybe a bit staid?; a plain black jersey dress from Title Nine, dressed up with a lace shawl (this is where being a knitter comes in handy, because I have at least two that would work); an above-the-knee dark red sleeevless sheath with a shawl (would I be too cold?); a plain cashmere sweater dress in either cranberry or gray that’s really a bit short but I could wear it with opaque tights and heels and pearls; a trouser suit of my own (no – too businesslike) …. I think that’s it for choices. Hmm.

Thing 4: work continues to be a bit uneasy – my boss seems to have plenty for me to do, but in general things have been a bit scary at this site, and I don’t know if she’d want to keep someone out here if it really cratered. I recorded my podcast today, though – it went well except that I’d forgotten to silence my phone’s ringer. Oops. Also today, I started a Coursera class in Operations Management. I’m hoping to learn more about Lean; I was afraid it would be a lot of stuff I already know, but just the first module was full of business concepts that are new to me, so it will be worthwhile. Definitely worth the (complete lack of) tuition!

Thing 5: Knitting finished objects:

The hat I made for Ted during the Olympics:

My first shawl from the Follow Your Arrow knit-along:


I’m finishing up some slippers for Mom (too bad I didn’t get them done before the latest East Coast storm!) and then I’ll finish off the second Follow Your Arrow shawl.

Five random things after all. And I wasn’t even trying.