Wow, what a great day!.

I got new glasses. I got a new person on my project, someone who has a lot of knowledge about company history in this area, that’s going to be very useful – and whom I like, as well. I got sushi for lunch (just the supermarket kind, though) and spent a fair bit of the day bending some data to my will.

But in the big news, I got my first reader comment. Oddly, it came to me forwarded from someone at work. I was wondering if he happened to know her, then realized what must have happened: she’s the contact on the press release my company put out about the book. He mentioned that he’d actually bought it in a bookstore and been surprised to see it there, so my guess is he saw our press release, happened to see the book, bought it, liked it, and then was kind enough to send an email saying so. I suppose it’s not quite cricket to post something that was sent to me in a personal email, but apparently he really liked the approach I took and that I addressed basic concepts instead of a specific approach.

And in the other big news (totally unrelated to the book), I’m getting moved from my cube into an office at work 🙂