My pick for most midboggling paragraph I’ve seen on the Internet today (and possible all year):
“Racist is just a term for how someone is, what they are. Except that it’s not cool. And so people think it’s OK to judge, because that person is something that is not cool.”
WTF? (It was in a Ravelry discussion.)

Best thing I’ve seen online today: This labor poster

Best news I’ve had this week: I got asked come out and speak to the Rhode Island Chief Executives Club, in June. Lots of time on a plane just to talk to these people for an hour (and interact with them for another couple hours), but aside from the ego gratification, it’s great publicity for my book and good practice for me in dealing with this high-level an audience.

And also, last Friday I finally finished the shawl I’ve been knitting since January (I did two variants of the same pattern; one was pretty quick, the other took forever and I don’t like it nearly as much. Pics once I block it.