Maybe this is about summer i-cumen in, but I seem to be in the mood to try new (or retry old) things. There are the aforementioned kayaks. In addition, I have started running, to see if it’s possibly something I could learn to like or at least tolerate – there have been so many times when I wanted to do something outdoors on a weekday but didn’t have access to a boat. or when I was traveling and could have used a way to work out that didn’t require much equipment. So far I’ve done the first two Couch-to-5K workouts, which are basically jogging for 60 seconds and walking for 90 seconds, repeated for 20 minutes, and the verdict is still out. I didn’t hate it, but my legs (shins and hips) were very sore afterward. In fact, it was a bit ironic; last week, on one day I erged 11 km and then the next day did that second jogging workout (which, if you do the math, has you jogging lightly for a whopping 8 minutes) and it was the jogging that left me sore. I don’t think I really want to have running as a big objective in my life, but I’d love to get to the point where, if I just didn’t feel like erging that day or if I needed a travel workout I could run a mile instead.

I also got my guitar put back in working order and have been practicing semi-regularly. I’ve nearly got “Hey There, Delilah” down (for some values of “got it down” – I don’t seem to be getting notes to ring out as they should, probably because doing too many bar chords still hurts my hands). I love the song, and it fits right in to the finger-picking style I do. I’ve also started to work on “Hallelujah”: I’ve found a picking pattern that works, and a couple different variants of chords that sound OK to me.

I don’t really have time to add new hobbies, but I feel like life is too short not to do them. (But it’s also true that yesterday after work I decided a nap would be more beneficial than anything else. Given that I woke up an hour and fifteen minutes later, I think I was right.)