And by the usual workings of Murphy’s law, no sooner did I post that than something happened. When I wrote up an entry here on my week in Philadelphia, Dad’s funeral and the work we did clearing out their house, I mentioned that we’d been extremely happy with the company we got to come clear out the junk in their garage, 1-800-GOT-JUNK.

Someone there must google for their own name, because yesterday I got an email thanking me for the good press, and asking if I’d put in a link “as an additional resource for your readers” I’m totally not convinced that my blogs constitute effective advertising, but I didn’t have time to think about it then kept the email to think about it later.

Today I got a reminder: I guess they were afraid the junk filter had grabbed their email and wanted to make sure.

I get a little annoyed at being pestered, so I bartered: “Perhaps you’d like to trade: you buy my book and leave a review on Amazon and I will put in a link in my blog and also on Facebook. (It’s Successful Business Process Management, by [oh crap, I just realized that, trying on my iPhone, I left a letter out of my own name!]: I’m sure your company has some standard documented processes. No? That’s OK, no hard feelings. ”

Surprisingly, he went for it – said it looked like something he’d like to read anyway. So fine. In the interests of ethics, I told him I’d prefer him to write an honest review, no matter what he thought of the book, and told him that I wouldn’t be willing to put in a link, and woldn’t have mentioned his company in the first place, if I hadn’t really thought they delivered good service. And they did; you can probably imagine how hectic that week was, not to mention sad, but we called them and got everything set up inside about 5 minutes; they were able to come at the time we wanted, showed up promptly as scheduled, tuck to the price they’d quoted, and their very large employees worked cheerfully and efficiently. (I should really have taken before and after photos of the garage.)

And that’s why there’s a link in the first paragraph here.