Today (6/27) the insurance adjuster came out to see the damage and figure out what needed to be done to fix it. I spoke to her on Monday, but this was the soonest I could get an appointment with her – and she’s not even the main adjuster, just someone who is helping the main one because he’s on holiday this week.

Sometime during the week we realized the washer itself is still leaking. The original installer cross-threaded the hose connections; we thought we were able to tighten it enough but apparently the cross-threading causes it to work loose during operation. I need to talk to the warehouse manager (responsible for the installers) to find out if it’s fixable, if they need to replace our washer (again) or what.

He’ll be back next week; with luck I will get an estimate from him of cost to repair everything on Monday or Tuesday. Then I get to call repair people; I bet that will require at least three appointments – one to scope out the work, one to repair the laundry room flooring and baseboard (which also requires removing the hot water heater and then replacing it afterward and if I ever heard a recipe for more water damage that’s it) and one to paint the powder room ceiling after the texturing has dried. The insurance person keeps saying we should get everything repaired back to pristine condition, but on further thought maybe it’s worth living with a patched laundry room floor.

I told the insurance person that I was shocked that this all would end up taking a month to completely repair, but checking my timeline, I see I was wrong. THe original washer broke on June 1, so it’s already nearly a month. I bet it will be 6 weeks total. Going to update my original timeline now; I’m worried I might need it.