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some thoughts about time off

I just read that the Jewish year 5775 is the year of the Shemittah, the Sabbatical year when all loans are forgiven and people were supposed to desist from all field work. Think about that – that means that in … Continue reading

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an unexpected poem happened by

This comes from a bunch of things. Elizabeth Goudge sent me to Rupert Brooke (and wow – I’d never seen that sonnet before. What a wallop it has!) which of course made me think of the end of his life, … Continue reading

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The litter box bit me! Then I made it worse myself. At some point on Saturday I got a splinter from walking out on the wooden balcony barefoot. (In the lake house, we have real wood floors. They’re slippery enough … Continue reading

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Three fitness trackers (compared in great detail)

Last Christmas, my big gift from Ted was a Fitbit Force. I liked it a lot; it fit my small-boned wrists reasonably well, was water-proof enough to wear while rowing, and displayed time of day, steps taken, distance covered, calories … Continue reading

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who needs real clothes?

It makes me happy that everything I’m wearing today from the ankles up is crypto-sportsgear: non-itchy wool tunic and tights from a women’s sports store online, underwear from a local sporting-goods place. (I guess Under Armour takes the “under” part … Continue reading

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slightly less see-through

I’ve been feeling a little better, more connected, since my “cellophane” post last week – maybe I just needed to vent. Certainly the responses to the post helped, so thank you to those who commented, on WordPress and DW and … Continue reading

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on goose poop and being Ms Cellophane

I have two injuries from last weekend. The scrape on my elbow from picking up a kayak seems like a reasonable one to have, even if I did scrape my left elbow while picking up the boat on my right … Continue reading

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