Autumn in Oregon has hit with a vengeance – the skies are dark gray and it’s been raining more often than not. Most often Oregon rain is light enough not to mind, but it’s been heavier for the last week or so. Unfortunately, this resulted in our finding another couple of leaks in the lake house last weekend. Luckily our architect (who lives out that way) was willing to get a roofer out there for us. (He – the architect – used to be a general contractor, so he will do some stuff like this, which has been very helpful for us. He’s a good architect, too – if anyone in the Eugene area needs a recommendation, his name is Michael Soraci.)

So we’ll be headed out to the house this weekend to verify the roof repairs and empty the containers we set out in the attic under the leaks. This is unfortunate, since I’d expected to be at home this Halloween and had laid in candy accordingly. I guess our coworkers will benefit.

My colleagues should all be ready to eat candy anyway, now their blood sugar has been duly recorded – we had our annual company-provided (voluntary!) annual health checkups today. I “lost” two inches around my waist by simply pulling up my heavy shirt and having her re-measure, which makes me wonder about the accuracy of the whole thing. I hope her blood pressure results are accurate, though – mine was 119 / 76, which makes me very happy since I was on high blood pressure meds for a while after my Dutch doctor prescribed them, until my US doctor said she thought I didn’t need them any more. I have no idea why it went down. I haven’t lost weight – in fact, I gained some over the past year, after starting back to work (if there’s one thing I dislike about this job, it’s that there’s too much sitting). It could be from moving back to a place where I understand how everything works, but my BP was already going up back when we lived in Arizona. It could be from living in a place I really like, but I liked the Netherlands too. I’ve tried to cut back on salt a little, but it’s not like I’ve ever kicked my pretzel habit. Odd.

I don’t think this autumn has been as good for leaf colors as last year – I remember that as being surprisingly bright. This year, we had a long lingering summer and as soon as it cooled down it immediately turned wet, so we don’t seem to be getting colors quite as vivid – I’m seeing maples that are the color of oxidized bronze instead of bright red. It’s still beautiful though – whenever the rain lets up enough for colors to be seen!

At least our weather is temperate; I had a trip to Toledo, Ohio last week that found me scraping ice of the car window one morning. In a few weeks we have a trip to New Orleans, and I’m sure I’ll find it difficult to believe while I’m packing that the weather really will be much warmer. (I’ll take some warm stuff anyway, though – in wet climates like that it can feel COLD when the actual temperature isn’t all that low.)

I thought this entry was going to be unconnected rambling, but instead it’s turned out to be connected after all (though still rambling). Maybe it’s my outfit. I hadn’t planned on wearing a costume to work, just an orangey-melonish-colored henley shirt, but ince I started accessorizing, I realized I had a costume after all. I’ve got a red leather leaf holding back my hair, a brown-and-gold leaf pin halfway down my shirt, and earrings with brown stone “planet” beads that look like shiny seeds or the acrons that are ubiquitous outside my office building. I am Autumn.