Nope, I still don’t really understand the concept of packing light. I’m packing for a long weekend in New Orleans. Warm climate, short trip, should be easy to pack carry-on-only, right? Except that said trip will involve lots of walking – fine, I’ll wear my sturdy shoes on the plane. And a possible outing to a restaurant with a dress code, meaning I need another pair of shoes – fine, I have ballet flats that pack small, and maybe I can get away with a skirt and a t-shirt I can wear again, instead of a dress. And a football game, and there’s the rub. In my experience, anything that involves just sitting around can get pretty damn cold even when the temperature is in the 50s or 60s. I do have a heavy sweater that’s pretty close to Tulane green – actually, writing this all out I’ve nearly convinced myself maybe we can get by with a backpack each and a small suitcase. Hmm. (This is a god thing about blogging. The examined life can be useful.)

This is all assuming we don’t get waylaid on our flight by snow in the Midwest, of course.

The other good news is that I only have about 23 workdays left between now and the end of the year. Because of this long weekend, this is a four-day week and so is next week, then there’s a three-day week because of Thanksgiving, and so on.