Four days left – I’m off for the next two weeks.

And after quitting time on Friday I plan to do two weeks’ worth of nothing.

At least, that is, for values of “nothing” including: pack up the car and the cats, head out to the lake house, finish the Holiday Challenge (Friday or Saturday depending when we go to the lake, get the tree and set it up, have the roofer out to fix a leak he appears to have missed, wrap all the presents, cook holiday-ish meals, probably host the in-laws for a few days, do some house cleaning that gets neglected when we’re only there for a couple days at a time, row if the weather is nice, go hiking maybe, get in a bunch of weight lifting since we have a weight set there but not here and, you know, the general stuff of life. As long as there gets to be lots of knitting and lots of reading, everyone present is well-fed, and people like the presents I give them, I’m good.