quiet holidays

There’s not much to say about this past holiday; it was nice but exceedingly quiet. We went down to Rowell (the lake house) of course; finished the Holiday Challenge early then had a few days when it was warm enough to get into a boat, then the weather turned and was either cold, rainy or both. Aside from a few trips to a supermarket or such, I spent most of the time indoors dressed in fleece, wool or pajamas. The inlaws came up just after Christmas for a couple of days, so we had steaks for Christmas Day and deep-fried a turkey for them. I did roasted onions and tomato/pomegranate salad out of a new cookbook (thanks, Mechaieh!) and made a grain-free sugar-free apple pie that wasn’t very pie-ish (more like a crumble topping over bits of baked apple) but tasty nonetheless. Otherwise, there was much reading, knitting, cooking and not much of anything else. It was nice.

Back to work today, with much reminding myself that I don’t actually dislike my job required.

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