long live Oregon … and love

An online friend is celebrating the fact that, only seven years after her wedding, she is now legally married even when she’s at home.

My response, because 2014 was a good year in many ways:
If you were to come visit me, you could be hiking under the pines married. Drizzly afternoons and foggy mornings married. Clear blue days with distant snowy mountains married. Sunday afternoon at the vineyard, with a glass of Pinot and an incredible view married. Pumpkin fields in autumn married. Lunch at the food carts married. Brewpub around the corner married. Burger joints with local beef, organic veggies and wild-caught salmon married. Made in Oregon married. Green heart sticker married.

(Note: This is an issue I care a lot about. Same-sex marriage was legalized in DC back in December, 2009 – two months after my uncle died there, alone. Not that legalizing marriage would have made a practical difference, but I know the news would have thrilled him, and I have reasonably strong belief that feeling he needed to stay closeted was a big part of why he never found a life partner. While we wait, people die.)

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