trip fidgeting

I have a trip to Philadelphia coming up in a week and a harf, for my thirtieth high school reunion. Flights are booked. Hotel is booked – I will stay at a hotel near the venue (and also close to my brother’s house) for the first two nights, then stay at Mom’s place (independent living facility, which has a few hotel-like rooms for guests) the last night.

The rest of it is still a bit up in the air. I realized this morning how weird it’s goining to flying in; last time I flew into Philadelphia my dad was still alive (barely) and I stayed with my mom, in the same house I grew up in, from the day they brought me home as a newborn until I left for college. It was never all that great a house, and given that the neighborhood was becoming dangerous I’m glad Mom finally sold the house and got out of there. As far as I can tell, she loves her new place and is flourishing there; she’s always enjoyed being around people and she has plenty of activities including a gym and a pool. But still.

I haven’t figured out my transportation, either. The options on this end are to drive in and park at the airport or take the MAX train. Disadvantage to driving: Don’ wanna. Plus I’d hit the tail end of rush hour on the way to the airport, it will be dark and rainy both ways, and I’ll be tired on the way home. Disadvantage to MAX: my flight home lands at 7:40, so I’d be out on the train a bit later than I’m completely comfartable with, but I think it should be fine as long as I change trains either in the middle of downtown or at the Beaverton station, which tends to have lots of people. On the other end, I can rent a car or borrow Mom’s (she doesn’t drive it that much these days because everything she needs is right there). If I do the latter I either need my brother to pick me up, or to take the suburban train and it runs only hourly – of course, whether my brother can pick me up entirely depends on his schedule, though he did offer. Since he hasn’t actually sid yes or no I’m assuming I should plan on the train – it leaves an hour after I land at the airport and I’m not checking a bag, so that should be OK.

And then there’s trip knitting, which is always hard to decide. I finished a pair of socks yesterday, which leaves me with only one WIP (work in progress): a cowl-necked vest which is also close to done. I only have about 4″ of the neck left. What I’d like to do is to finish the vest and knit at least most of a cowl/hat thingy (Howlcat for Hunter, my mininephew, before the trip. That would mean I could knit a pair of gloves for Ted during the trip and start a sweater the weekend after I get home. The yarn for it is at the lake house. Even if the gloves aren’t done, I like habing one large and one small project on the needles at a time – but I do want both gloves and sweater finished while it’s cold enough to wear them. THing is, the Howlcat uses about 200m of both yarns, so I may not have enough time to do it. (I’d really love to use the same yarn I made a vest from for Hunter, but I probably don’t have enough of that either.) I think I’m going to have to ditch the Howlcat idea – after all, the kid just got a ton of gifts last month, from me and everyone else, and doesn’t exactly need more stuff!

I’m also a bit worried about the weather there – I really, really wish my class hadn’t decided on a reunion in freakin January – but not much I can do about that now that I bought the plane ticket.

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