dressed like a duck

Today, I am wearing my big green sweater, because University of Oregon Ducks (green and yellow) are playing Ohio State Buckeyes (red and gray) for the college bowl championships. I’m not normally a big ducks fan, for two reasons: 1) I’m a relatively recent transplant to this state and my in-laws went to the other state university, Oregon State, and 2) I don’t really care about football much anyway. But you have to support your state when they’re in playoffs …. especially when your corporate office is in Ohio!

I didn’t buy a U of O-specific shirt despite being in a Nike store yesterday – they’re expensive and I’d be unlikely to wear it again. (There is a close relationship between U of O and Nike, whose founder Phil Knight was originally a track coach there and now contributes $cads and $cads of ca$h to their sports teams.)

Last time I wore this particular dark green sweater, it was to a Tulane football game. Amusingly, if the Philadelphia Eagles had done a bit better this season, I could wear it on my trip to Philly this week. Can’t wear it this weekend as things stand, though, because I wouldn’t want to support the Packers against the Seahawks, who pretty much function as a regional team for the whole Pacific Northwest. Versatile sweater!

Just to complete the outfit I’m wearing duck shoes (these, so called because they were originally designed for duck hunting). They’re more comfortable than you’d expect rubber boots to be indoors. Only one small annoyance; they’ve been creaking when I walk all day. I finally realized that maybe the shoes have taken their “duck” nickname too literally. They’re not creaking – they’re quacking!

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