A couple of brags: Just a couple of days ago I learned that my book has a review up on Amazon! (I mean, a critic’s review, not a reader’s review – still none of those.) It’s from the American Society for Quality’s main journal, Quality Progress – since I am an ASQ member and get that one, I checked back. It’s a full review in the December edition and can be seen online here – the tag line that Amazon quotes is “This is a balanced, well-written, practical and easy-to-read guide on business process management, and I strongly recommend it.”


In a completely different field, because I created one of their designs for this year’s Rose City Yarn Crawl, I am in the “Designer Spotlight” my local yarn store – here’s their newsletter. I’ll be in the store one day of the Crawl to show off and discuss my designs.

And today I walked into our daily standup meeting two mintues late, only to find that the manager whose turn it was to run it today was showing off something I led and talking about how much he liked it.

I suppose things might be about to head downhill from here, but meanwhile I’ll enjoy it!