Yay, I have a tea container! I was storing it in the plastic bags it comes in (I can buy loose tea in bulk at the local supermarket) and they aren’t all that sturdy so I finally broke down and bought a canister. I really love that red TeaVana mug; the infuser that fits into it makes brewing loose tea more convenient (it has its own little lid to sit on and it doesn’t leak leaves into the tea cup, two very minor annoyance factors that can otherwise make tea bags less trouble to use). Nore importantly if you click the lid shut, it doesn’t leak. Like ever – you can throw it up and catch it or turn it over and there will be zero tea escaping. And somehow even though it can keep tea hot for hours (literally, 2-3 hours if closed) it cools it at first so I almost never burn my mouth.

In the background of the picture is my little kettle, which is so adorable that the office manager bought two just like it for general use. Personally I bought it because T-fal usually seems to be reliable and my previous low-end-brand kettle stopped working after a few months, but apparently for her looks are more important. So far, it’s been managing to succeed in both form and function.