a quick one in three parts

I. I have to link to this essay by Spacefem about being a female engineer / engineering manager. I think she’s a decade or so younger than I am, but this is close to my experience as well.

2. I have a trip coming up to our main office in Ohio, in which I get to challenge myself both ways. I have to drive to and from the airport here in Portland, as well as both ways between Detroit and Toledo on the other end. The drive to the airport here will be at an ungodly hour (5AM or so) so at least there won’t be traffic; the rest will be in daylight. It should be all right (not that my brain doesn’t still actu up sometimes, but I’m getting better at ignoring it); I’ve been doing well drivingwise lately and have been meaning to get out on highways more, so this is a way to force the issue.

3. Last weekend we went down to the lake, but never got out on the water. Saturday was raining and windy (and there was a collegiate regatta on – poor kids! but we could have rowed around the outside of the lake) and Sunday was gorgeous but still windy. Still, it was good to be in the other house even if just for the views and the quiet. We took the cats this time; Ted is convinced that more travel experience will make them less unhappy about that. That might work for Macchiato, but i’m not convinced that practice is helping Oolong’s carsickness. This time we stayed on the highway, so she didn’t seem to get too queasy. She did show signs of distress at one point on the way up (sitting with mouth open, glassy-eyed) but we think that might just have been that she had to poop and really didn’t want to do it in the carrier. We didn’t particularly want her to either! But once she did, she seemed to feel better, and at that house there’s plenty of room to take the carrier out back and hose it off. Not sure what we’ll do as it gets warmer and there’s more traffic on the way down; taking the back roads can be faster but they seem to bother her more than going at a constant speed on comparatively straight highways.

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