OK, I think I’m ready for my long drive today.

I’ve persuaded my car and phone to talk to each other. This is trickier than it sounds; the car has Bluetooth but not streaming audio, which means that phone calls and GPS directions from the phone are piped through the car speakers but not music (or audiobooks). For some reason plugging the phone in to the car’s USB port didn’t work, but plugging it in via old-fashioned headphone cable did. (I like living in the future but sometimes I’m not quite far enough into it! I hope to buy a car in the next year or so and will look for one with streaming audio. It’s not only expensive cars that have it; one I’m considering is a VW Beetle.) So now I have Phryne Fisher to keep me company on the drive, or I can switch back to the car’s satellite radio if I want something more upbeat.

I’ve also got my totem (not really) jewelry on: a glass pendant I bought on Etsy with a scene that looks very much like our lake, (this one) and a bracelet like this that is stamped with the phrase “There is no honour in turning aside from adventure”. It’s from the movie version of The Dawn Treader and Reepicheep says it. It’s not in the book – and I feel a little odd using the quote for that reason because I am so much more a book person than a movie person – but it encapsulate’s Reepicheep’s character so perfectly that I’m sure CS Lewis would have written the line if he’d thought of it.

There was something else I wanted to write about so there might be another entry today … if I can only remember what it was. Something trivial: I do remember that.