I survived all that driving. The trip down may have been the hardest one so far, because I went at the end of (almost) a full workday. I think my eyes and brain play less nicely together when I’m tired, which makes highway driving harder. The way back was the easiest trip so far; I deliberately didn’t row out rowing or kayaking before leaving the lake so I wouldn’t be tired. But I think the bigger factor was that I followed Ted all the way home. That way, I was focused on his truck for much of the time, at a stable following distance (and it’s big enough to obscure what’s in the lane in front of it) so my eyes didn’t have to keep changing focus as much. He’s a good driver, too, and is beautifully easy to follow because he keeps a very consistent speed and it’s easy to predict when and why he’s going to change lanes.

I’m glad I won’t have to do that 2-3 hour drive again any time soon, but I think I’m close to the point where I wouldn’t let driving nerves dictate my decision on, say, the best way to get to the airport or whether I want to go to the mall in the next town over.

Also, we’ve now bought a nice 6-person table for the deck and a tandem sit-on-top kayak, in our continuing quest to make this house a great place to have guests. So we can feed more people at once, and if people with kids visit (or people like my mother who I’d be uneasy at allowing to kayak alone) we can take them out in the tandem. It also handles well enough when paddled solo – you get fairly wet in a sit-on-top kayak so that will be nice in hot weather.

In everything else, I’m being dilatory. Just bought our airfare to Philadelphia for a trip that’s only a month away, need to get moving on organizing this year’s Black Sheep Retreat (people from up here staying at our lake house to attend the Black Sheep Gathering), need to buy a ticket for my mom to visit us in August.