summertime blues

This year’s Father’s Day wasn’t as bad as last year’s, when my Dad had died only a month before and also it fell right on his birthday, but still I’m glad it’s over.

The next parental challenge will be Mom’s visit to us in August. I’m not sure how much time I want to take off from work – balancing not running out of vacation time with the fact that I’m not sure how self-sufficient she’ll be. I’m hoping I can convince her to take the train downtown on her own at least one day; then I can just dart out of work to give her a ride to the station. Or maybe she’ll want to just sit around the pool one day, not sure. Meanwhile, we need to take a couple days off for a family reunion on my side next month, and possibly another on Ted’s side – and I’m not convinced his doesn’t conflict with Mom’s visit. This could get tricky.
(Yup, I just checked – his reunion, 5 hours away, is scheduled for two days before my Mom comes in. Wish I’d realized that *before* booking her airfare last night!)

Today’s surreal moment was when someone I was good friends with in about 5th through 7th grade, and whom I last saw in Paris almost 20 years ago (which was surreal in itself – he and his wife were living there then and I crashed on their couch) messaged me via Facebook to ask for recommendations for a good sushi place in Portland. Unfortunately he’s only here on a short business trip and won’t have time to get together.

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