holiday weekend

It was a good holiday weekend; as best as I can remember, I spent most of it either on a boat (rowing shell or kayak) or on the deck looking out at the water. I also got some weightlifting in, since the lake house is where our weight set lives. I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to get outside at all because we’re in the middle of a heat wave (temps in the high 90sF) but it really wasn’t bad – row in the morning, and kayak in the afternoon. Sitting out wasn’t bad either, as long as you were in the shade.The sit-on-top kayak we bought a few weeks ago works very well for this; it’s a double but you can move a seat and row it as a single, and you get a lot wetter than in a sit-in kayak, which helps on hot days. We finally got to christen it, too, since we had chamgpage out on the dock on July 4, to celebrate our anniversary and watch the fireworks. (I know, it’s bad luck to take a boat out before it’s officially named. Oops. Those were just test paddles!) It’s Kayak Opportunity, because the two sit-in ones are Spirit and Curiosity.

I could have done without the neighbors’ calling over judgements on our wimpy fireworks but I’m pretty sure they meant it as friendly teasing. Our neighbors on the other side had some huge (illegal) ones, and the pro show was across the lake. It’s fun being ble to sit out and watch them all around. The house is pretty well sound-insulated, so I hope the cats weren’t too traumatized. If so, they just hid in their usual places. We had an earthquake, too – only 4.2 but quite close to us. Don’t know if the cats minded that one – it was the middle of the day so during their usual napping time. And of course Oolong might have still been sleeping off her usual carsickness. We had to take the backroad up, due to traffic, but unfortunately this time she reacted even coming back on the highway.

Also, there was knitting, wine, steak, salmon, and strawberry-rhubarb tarts (filling from this recipe in puff pastry. Next time I will make square tarts instead of round ones, so as not to waste pastry. Yum.

Too bad we couldn’t take any extra time off, but this weekend we have to go to a family reunion. Hope it’s as fun as the last one.

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