I thought I was doing well because everything fit in my backpack but Rebeccmeister’s packing list for her trip to Seattle now has me thinking that, as usual, I’ve probably overpacked for my four days in Philadelphia. At present, I have

knit dress
3 t-shirts (blue sleeveless, black ballet-neck, I forget what else)
knit skirt
jean shorts
sari silk skirt
shorts and top to work out in
bathing suit
one pair shoes (I will wear sneakers on the plane)
plus my knitting, Kindle, iPad, phone, chargers, etc

I wasn’t going to bring the sari skirt, but it arrived a couple days ago and is just too cool *not* to bring. As it can be a skirt, top, or even shawl, maybe I can ditch one t-shirt and either the skirt or shorts. I wish I could have the cardigan I’m knitting done and ready to wear, because it would be just right for this trip, but it still needs sleeves and edging. I could take it as my knitting project, but I have a pair of socks started that are much smaller to pack.

I’m really, really not good at minimal packing – part of that is just that I like clothes, like having options, and don’t like wearing the same thing for multiple days. I don’t feel freer when I have less stuff – I just feel constrained by my stuff’s limitations. I still need to put my purse and electronics into my pack, but I don’t think it will be overstuffed. Also, Ted’s decided to check a suitcase, because he wants to bring the good (SLR) camera instead of just using iPhones. So I can put my toiletries in there and not have to worry about digging them out for airport security, and there’s room for my shoes and probably a bunch of my other stuff too, if I don’t feel like carrying it.