reunions out the kazoo!

I do think five reunions in one year is a bit much. We had the one from Ted’s college friends in November in New Orleans; the one from my high school in January in Philadelphia; the one from my dad’s family in Philadelphia a couple weeks ago; the one from Ted’s dad’s family in southern Oregon in a couple weeks; and now we’ve been invited to one from Ted’s mom’s family in DC in September. I don’t think we’re going to be able to get to that one! Too bad, because we’d be seeing the cousins we really like. (The cousins I really like on my side were at my family’s reunions, but the people there basically broke down to my immediate family; three sisters and their family; and one other aunt. So I got plenty of time to talk to the aunt, whom I also like a lot, but of course the three sisters were mostly interested in spending time together. Oh well.)

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