(FO = Finished Object, in knitterspeak.) Here’s a thing I haven’t posted for a while; I’ve mentioned my knitting, but haven’t posted any pictures or been too specific.

So far this year, I have completed the following. I will include links to Ravelry for all projects – no membership is required to see them. Info is there on yarn, patterns, and how long each project took me to complete. I have photos of everything in Ravelry, but some of them aren’t really very good, so I won’t include those here.

  • Aisling vest
  • Branching Path cowl
  • Pinot wine cozy – this one is my own pattern
  • Follow Your Arrow shawl – This one was from Ysolda Teague’s second mystery knit along, where there are two options for each of five “clues” – meaning you get a new section of the pattern once a week for 5 weeks, but there are two choices each time, so there are 32 different ways the shawl can be knit up – more, if you include more than one color. THe thing I dislike about knit-alongs is the idea of ending up with the same item as everyone else, so this is a good way for me to do one.
  • arrow

  • Char gloves – for Ted. THese were a pain to knit and I’m going to need to pull out the ends of the fingers and redo them to make them longer. Blah.
  • Gradient Infuscation – for Mechaieh. I wish I did have a better picture of this one, because it came out beautifully in the gradient yarn that shaded from teal to violet, but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture after blocking and before shipping.
  • Green Sprout – baby hat for a gestating coworker. My own pattern.
  • Wildwood Utility socks – knitting while hiking doesn’t actually work out all that well, it turns out. But the socks came out nicely in the end.
  • wildwood

  • Colorsparks socks – these turned out to be harder to knit than I expected; the patten wasn’t very complex, but the problem was that I had to look to see where I was in the stitch pattern, not once but on each separate section of every row. Annoying. I do think the pattern shows off the variegated yarn well, though.
  • colorsparks

  • Beachglass cardi: FInished Saturday, blocked yesterday, looking forward to wearing it tomorrow. I love the way the colors came out, and it’s gorgeously soft – perfect for wearing in summer over a tank top.
  • beachglass

    I have another pair of socks on the needles (literally – knitting two at a time), but I need to start something else because I have some upcoming travel that I’ll need a knitting project for, but I’ve just finished the heel on these and don’t have too much further to go.

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