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The Unmistakeable Scent of Approaching Autumn

Leaves about to fall; snow still a thousand miles off but coming closer

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some car notes

These are mostly for my own reference. The single most important criteria is that I want to buy a car that’s fun to drive – I want something that will make me want to drive in it, lure me behind … Continue reading

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Look what I have! It’s just ’til tonight, though. The local dealer loans them out for a day as a sort of extended test drive. Currently the cars I’m considering are this one (well, not THIS one as it’s missing … Continue reading

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forgot to say (knitting summary)

12 projects completed this year so far – socks, shawls, a cardigan, and so on. I have two on the needles at present – a summer-weight pullover I really ought to try to finish before it gets too cold, and … Continue reading

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family – lots of family

Phew. Back to normal. A week ago last Friday we drove down south to Ted’s family reunion. We actually left Thursday night and stayed at the lake house – it’s just about halfway and we hadn’t been there for a … Continue reading

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weekend to dye for (sorry!)

That was a pretty good weekend. I erged a total of 20.5 km (13 Saturday, 7.5 Sunday). On Saturday after erging we headed up to Scappoose, Oregon to Blue Moon Fiber Arts, where they were having their annual barn sale … Continue reading

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