OK, so here’s my photo of my car.


There may be something wrong with it though. Yesterday, another beautiful gorgeous clear day with perfect temperatures, it took me 24 miles to get home from work rather than the expected < 2 miles. No, there is nothing wrong with the nav system! I decided to go home a slightly longer way just for the fun of the driving. Then I went a bit longer. Then a bit further. Then I said the hell with it and drove all the way out to the country roads and back. (This was all on roads I know at least slightly, but still I think this drive would have scared me two years ago when we first returned to the US. So that's a double win, and a bit more proof that having a fun car really does lure me into driving more.) Don't worry, I'll stop talking about cars any time now. On the other hand, I could be talking about the 11km I need to erg tonight, and that’s no fun for anybody!