That was a nice calm weekend. We decided not to go down to the lake for two reasons: Ted was pretty beat – he’s been working 12+ hour days and had to put in some weekend work too; and it was forecasted to be pissing down rain all weekend. This had the side benefit of putting us back on track with our CSA shipment; our CSA delivers to different parts of town on different days, and unfortunately all the drop-off points near us get their deliveries late Friday (they can arrive any time in the afternoon but are only guaranteed to be there by 5). That means we have to wait until we can pick it up before we can leave for the weekend, which is annoying. However we only get shipments every other week – and we like to go to the lake more or less every other week – so getting them on opposite weeks worked better. We’d just gotten off track somewhere around Labor Day.

(We belong to Hood River CSA, which aside from the late-Friday pickup is wonderful. It’s a group of farms rather than a single one, so they offer lots of flexibility. It runs year-round, you can start or stop any time, and you can customize each order, so for instance if you hate squash you don’t have to get any. Though I did miss the acorn squash in this week’s shipment – I’m hoping it’s mush less sweet than the delicata we got a couple weeks ago when we decided to try the winter squash the first time it was ordered this year.)

Anyway, I did want to do something fun at least one day. Ted had to put in some more time at work Saturday, but I had a nice quiet day – baked a cake (to get rid of some of all those apples and pears from the CSA!), and did some errands at Target. On Sunday, though, we agreed to Do Something. The debate was between a visit to OMSI, the Portland science museum, and just staying in bed all day – we used to do that now and then but it’s literally been years since the last time.

OMSI probably would have been more likely if we hadn’t decided to wait until after erging to make the decision 🙂 We did both need to do longish erg pieces, especially Ted since he’s been getting home too late to work out (and goes to work too early to erg beforehand). So it wasn’t a whole day in bed, just going back to it from late morning on. But it was nice. We like to bring up the most luxurious and decadent snacks on hand, so there was champagne, and grapes, and pretzels (OK, they’re not luxurious or decadent, but as far as I’m concerned they are still the UberSnack). There was reading, and knitting on my part, and snuggling, and so on. Plenty of so on.

I still do want to go to OMSI, but it was a really nice way to spend a very rainy Sunday – and even though I could stand to get out more, I think Ted needed the rest so I feel pretty good about the decision.