It turns out red beans and rice is much easier to make than I’d have suggested. If you’re familiar with Cajun cooking, the recipe would be something like “saute your trinity; add red beans (cooked or from a can), ham hock and sliced andouille, add your seasonings plus water to cover, cook 2-3 hours and serve over rice.” (If anyone wants more detail. the actual recipe I used is here.)

That was Sunday afternoon after returning from the lake – we went this weekend because we missed last weekend, when Ted was too tired and busy to go. We almost missed this weekend as well, since he got home from work somewhere around midnight Thursday, but he got out early enough on Friday to take a short nap. We didn’t get any rowing done over the weekend, having completely misread the weather – since SUnday was supposed to be much colder and wetter than Saturday, we figured it would get windier over the course of the day, so when it was already windy in the morning we erged instead. It got calm enough to be nice for rowing by late afternoon, but erg + row in one day is a bit much. We did get a short hike in, where we saw a beaver, plus an enormous great blue heron (herons and egrets aren’t unusual there but this one was huge!). Then later we saw an otter going on our dock and the neighbor’s. but weren’t able to get any closer than seeing it from the house.

I really miss having a job that involves travel (not to mention the 41 vacation days I had in the Netherlands). Aside from a short skiing trip to Jackson, all of this year’s travel has been either for reunions or when Mom visited. It was all nice and all, but that adds up to a whole lot of days sitting at the same work desk, facing the same work, without going anywhere exciting or even just different. Well, OK, there were two business trips, both to Toledo. Apologies to anyone who lives there, but Toledo is a place I never felt the need to visit more than once. I’m feeling unreasonably eager for my four-day holiday break, a week and a half from now, even though we don’t plan to do anything more exciting for it than cook a turkey and uncork some of the good wine.

We will take the cats with us to the lake for Thanksgiving. They don’t much like travel, but they like being there, we think. Also, though they don’t usually seem to mind being left behind, they were unhappy at being left home alone for two nights this time, judging by the poops (three of them!) they left in the entryway. Our vet thinks they go there because the sound of neighbors outside makes them nervous and they’re establishing their territory, but I think these ones were definite protest poops.

(Hence the title of this entry, since I started with food and ended with poop.)