This year, the best way to get good prices when shopping online appears to be as follows:

1. Go to website. Brwose around and find what you want. Spend some time looking around.
2. Put everything you might possibly want in the shopping cart – you’ll weed it out later.
3. Leave that website and go do other stuff. If you want, maybe even leave that browser tab open on your computer.
4. Wait a few days and check your email carefully.

Increasingly often, I’m finding that when I’ve done this (usually because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make that purchase) I’ll get an email offering me 10-20% percent off everything at that website. Obviously they don’t do it every time, and it’s more likely to happen with a place you’ve ordered from before. I’ve never actually done this on purpose, so I haven’t tracked how often it happens, but I’m definitely seeing it more and more often recently.