I’m beginning to feel like I need to put a disclaimer on my Facebook page and anywhere else I have a presence online:

“Anything I say here, I mean. I will never pretend to an opinion I don’t hold for the purpose of trolling. However, the converse is not true; just because I don’t talk about it, don’t assume I don’t care. I may just not care to discuss it here.”

I could choose to add more details:

“Just because I don’t talk about the latest atrocity or change my profile pic to the colors of the issue of the day, don’t assume I’m not as gutted as everyone else. I might just care too much to make easy conversation about it.

If I do talk about one big story, don’t assume it means I don’t care about all the other ones. I contain multitudes; I can believe six impossible ideas before breakfast, especially when it turns out they’re neither impossible nor contradictory. I can be against cop killing AND against killing cops. I can want to offer refuge to refugees and also to homeless veterans.

Don’t tell me a one-sentence solution is going to end a complex problem decades or centuries in the making. Please don’t tell me “that’s just what the bad guys want” unless you’ve done actual research. You might be right, you might be wrong, but I’m kind of tired of hearing that statement used to justify whatever you want to do – even if I agree with you.

Oh, and please assume I think your child is adorable and your inspiring story is inspiring whether or not I post “amen”. Amen is just a thing I don’t say much, other than during responsive prayers at my extremely rare visits to shul.

Speaking of which, not only do I not believe that I will be blessed / make a lot of money / see my life change if I respond to your post with an Amen or a declaration of my faith in God, I’m pretty sure that God isn’t deciding who to help on the basis of your Facebook posts. I think you may have confused the Most High with Mark Zuckerburg (who is only a CEO, and anyway, I doubt he’s helping you on the basis of your Facebook posts either).

If you really want to know what I think about almost anything, you could just ask. I’m much happier to engage in respectful conversation on almost any topic than I am to post borrowed aphorisms and pretend they sum up the whole of my complex soul. Or anyone else’s.”

Maybe I will post it, and see what happens.

(ETA: or given that I’ve just added two more short paragraphs, maybe I’ll just hang on to this and tweak it until it’s perfect, which might never happen.)