Things I did yesterday:

  • Worked a full day
  • Erged 14 km and completed this year’s Concept 2 Holiday Challenge
  • Paid a bill
  • Medicated two cats
  • Cooked a tasty Chicken Francese (A new recipe for me. Recipe note: I do recommend this one, because it was very tasty and not too difficult – but when you’re making the sauce after cooking the chicken, I’d skip adding in the rest of the parsley. When cooked in the butter, it turns an ugly olive color – as opposed to the parsley included in the egg wash/batter, which looks fine. I’d add it as a garnish at the end instead.)
  • Put the final touches on my holiday packing: knitting, clothes, gifts etc.

Pretty productive for one day. And now I just need to get through a work day, load up the truck, and we are off to the lake for two weeks of quiet holiday bliss. Yay!

I expect to be around online, but just in case, Merry Christmas / Happy Yule to those who celebrate either, and Happy New Year to all!