I’m just a little bit over halfway through my end-of-year vacation – I’ve got the rest of this week and the weekend, and then I’m back to work on Monday. There’s a really painful moment in every vacation from work, when you wake up and realize you’ve only got a day or two left. There’s no getting around that moment, but I do have a way to compensate,and I’ve been very good about it on this trip I’ve been conscious of where I am in the vacation from the beginning, so I’ve had all the luxury of waking up and realizing my whole two weeks was before me, or, like this morning, realizing I had a whole long week left.

On the downside, I’m almost a little bit bored. Christmas has come and gone, along with the in-laws visit, and Ted’s gone too, though just for a night. (He had to go check on some stuff at work.) I elected to stay here at the lake, because I don’t really trust the cats alone with the Christmas tree. I would be enjoying the extra time here – well, I am enjoying the extra time here, it’s just a bit quiet. The house is still lovely and quiet and I love the view of the lake in every season. The only problem is the weather is not conducive to actually spending any time outside, so I’m getting a little bit housebound. If we’re lucky, we maaaay have a day that’s clear and warm enough to go kayaking or rowing, but I’m not all that find of being in a tippy boat on a big lake in 40 degree weather. Still, I have my knitting, and all the books in the world (most of my on-paper library lives here), and two cats. I can take my pick of watching the fire in the fireplace or the lake. And if I get really bored, I can take my pick of doing something creative (more so than knitting or cooking – I think a certain amount of tedium is needed to kick my brain into writing mode) or do some cleaning I ought to tackle.

One more week. I buy lottery tickets now and then just for the fun of making it possible, even if vanishingly unlikely, that I could win and make this my everyday life.