the fabled Fabla

Did I say once a week? Silly me. I will probably post about every wine we drink, since we do actually rate them all, unless it’s one I’ve already posted about. Tonight we had one we’ve drunk many times, though not in this vintage, and it’s still a bargain. There are also notes on the goulash I cooked, that we chose it to go with.

Fabla Catalayud

(Is it easier if I just cross-post here, or is it better if I don’t so people can choose to read or ignore as they please?)

In other news, my new Kindle arrived today. Between trading in two old ones, for which they did give me the full amount they give for working ones, and a gift card from work for Christmas, it ended up costing me about $25 out of pocket for a Kindle Voyage plus cover (a cheap one, not the expensive Amazon Origami one). It loaded up quickly; I have over 600 books on it already. With the new cover it is way thinner and lighter than my old one (the cover probably has more to do with this than the actual Kindle) and definitelyhas a crisper display. It is nice to be able to turn pages while holding it with either hand, though the true test will be whether it can have a thousand or more books stored on it without complaining like the old one did. I might still get a nicer cover for protection and for pleasure in handling, though the forme is a silly reason given prices. ($75 for an Oberon cover, $85 for the top of the line one from Amazon – it also serves as a stand but I’d never use that – vs $119 for a new PaperWhite, one model down, which is what I’d probably get if I had to replace this in a hurry.

I am considering names. My first few Kindles had names referencing the library aspect of an e-reader – my first two were Ook! and Ook!Ook! then I got desperate and went for Son of Ook! The Paperwhites have had names to do with the front-light feature – Lumos and Lumiere. This one is a Voyage, so I was thinking of naming it after a famous traveler (real or fictional). So far the front-runners are Amelia (for well-traveled Amelias Peabody and Earhart) or Janeway. I like Janeway, except that choosing that for a name seems like pretending to a greater degree of Star Trek fannishness than I ever actually had, though I did watch and enjoy a lot of the Voyager and TNG episodes.

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