never assume you know it all

Sparked by a discussion on Ravelry’s “This is What a Feminist Knits Like” Forum:

Baba Yaga Meets the Mansplainer

So, you know all of the stories about me;
Tales of my long nose and my skinny knees
and my house that walks on chicken feet.
You are told that I cannot hurt the pure of heart
and a wise man can trick treasure from me.

Yes, you know all about me
and how to stay safe from the Baba Yaga,
who haunts small children’s nightmares.

But are you so safe, after all?
You know all about me –
pity you know yourself so little …
for the man who knows all about everything
and vaunts his knowledge
is neither pure of heart nor wise.

Little mouse, lawful prey,
you’ll cease squeaking soon enough.
In all your stories you missed one more detail:
my house walks, not on chicken’s feet but duck’s –
all the better to squash you with!

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