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I realized something last night: our 25th anniversary is in 2018. That makes now an excellent time to plan for it. Clearly we need to plan something exciting to do. THe obvious choices are a big party (followed by hurt feelings toward whichever of my family don’t manage to show up if we don’t hold it in their city rather than ours – not because they don’t like us, but because they don’t travel) or a trip somewhere. The hard part about planning a trip is that we’ve been to all the places I most wanted to visit. There are still plenty of wonderful places in the world we haven’t been to, of course; it’s just that nothing really jumps out of the list, so it will be harder to choose.

Iceland? India? China? (I really want to visit Iceland, especially if we can go enough toward the winter season to have a chance to see Northern Lights. Ted really wants to visit India, but I have some reservations, having heard a bunch of stories from seasoned travelers.) Israel? (That feels like one I really ought to go to, but I’m never fond of “oughts” in things I do for fun.) Or we could see some of the less famous parts of Europe that are supposed to be spectacular, like Croatia or Macedonia.

Note 1: Did I mention that we’re going to the Galapagos this summer? We are going with Ted’s parents, to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Note 2: Thinking about this kind of stuff always makes me miss my uncle. Trip planning was his greatest delight. (Well, maybe second greatest – after eating.)

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