Fic rec, and four more random things

This one is really wonderful – a crossover featuring Hilary Thorpe and Jerry Wimsey at Hogwarts in 1931. Plus a Triwizard Tournament, Harriet Vane and Lord Peter Wimsey as supporting characters, and cameos by a young Fileus Flitwick and a host of others.

Superbowl thoughts: Granted, I’m not enough of a football fan to appreciate the subtleties of a good defense, but really, you know it’s a boring game when even the announcers don’t sound excited. Commercial-wise, I was very pleased that the PSAs from the NFL(?) about domestic abuse and from Budweiser about drunk driving were as well-thought-out and engaging (though notably lower-budget) as any of the regular commercials.

Friday I telecommuted from the lake house. It was wonderful – I took advantage of the quiet there to write three intranet articles and expand one for outside publication, got another batch of apple fruit leather made (I did the peeling and chopping on my lunch break; the rest takes only occasional oversight), and went kayaking afterward.

My steel water bottle (Kleen Kanteen) has been demoted from Favorite to Still Pretty Good, after it fell off the dock and promptly sank. To be Favorite, it has to be good for travel, erging, sitting around the house and rowing – you just can’t be a good rowing accessory if you don’t float! I haven’t gotten it back yet, because the water was too deep – might be able to get it sometime when the water level is lower, but of course it’s easily replaceable. I might get an insulated one next time – not only will that be nice for when it sits in the car in summer, it’s possible those float.

I just realized I have been on Ravelry (knitting site) for nearly a decade now – 8.5 years. I was member number #7551. (For those Ravelers who don’t know how to find this and want to, go to your profile and enter the Konami code–up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.)

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  1. Kiwi says:

    Thanks loads for that fic. It’s the best I’ve read for years.

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