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1. My arm hurts. It’s for a good cause – I went to the doctor for an annual physical yesterday, asked her about what innoculations are needed for our trip ti the Galapagos this summer, and she offered to give me the tetanus shot right there and then (I don’t technically need one, since I got one in 2007 and they’re good for ten years, but it’s been nine already and I’m not sure where my records are anyway). So it’s to allow me to do something I’m looking forward to. But it huuuurts. Also, my bra strap keeps sliding off my shoulder and crossing over the sore spot, which is not helping! (It’s not one with straps that can be hooked together or crossed.)

2. We won’t be able to make our usual biweekly trip to the lake next weekend because I have a work trip and I have to fly in on Saturday,

3. Said work trip is a mixed bag. I’m going to where I used to live in AZ. This is the perfect time of year to go there, I’ll get to see some old friends, and I’ll get to see one of our offices I haven’t been to before. Also, I’ll probably enjoy the work. So far all to the good – but on the down side I will lose a weekend to this trip and probably won’t get compensatory time off. The biggest issue is that grandboss, who is running this project, is being weird, restrictive, and weirdly restrictive about it. It’s something smack in my area of expertise but all suggestions are being smacked down hard. Not only that, she keeps saying stuff that’s just wrong – not only the work stuff, which is at least a matter of opinion, but also basic facts. She tried telling me that AZ is on Central timezone part of the year which is factually incorrect – but she wouldn’t brook even a polite demurral despite knowing I lived there for TEN FUCKING YEARS, so I had to let it drop in self defense. (AZ does not do Daylight Savings Time. They stay on Mountain Standard Time all year, so effectively they’re with the rest of us on Pacific Daylight Time in summer and with the rest of the Mountain timezone in winter. They never ever match summer time.) This is not auguring well for my time on the project.

On the plus side, I have a massage scheduled for today (and will tell them to avoid that arm!), can sleep late in my own bed this weekend, and will get to go blend wines tomorrow, an event we enjoyed a lot last year.

And also my smartphone was indeed smart just now and went straight to voicemail for someone I didn’t particularly want to speak to. Just because you can find my resume on line from last time I was looking for a job (a few years ago) does not mean I want to be an insurance agent! Especially when that has nothing to with any of my experience or stated goals. Smart girl, Siri.

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